Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich

Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich

Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich

Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich is a top Russian manager and head of an infrastructure holding company positioned as one of the leading operators in public-private partnerships (PPP).

Dmitry Doev: biography

Doev Dmitry was born on 12 June 1966 in Leningrad. The future manager spent his early childhood in the town of Toropets in the Tver region of Russia (at that time Kalinin region), where his grandparents on his mother, Vera Vladimirovna’s side of the family lived. Some length of time later the family returned to the capital of the Leningradsky region, present day St. Petersburg.

Doev attended mathematical school, where he took specialized courses in scientific subjects. He travelled to school by public transport as his family lived within easy reach of Yelizarovskaya metro station in the Nevsky District, at that time considered a workers’ suburb of Leningrad.

His eventual choice of profession owes much to the encouragement of his father, Vitaliy Semyonovich, who held a Doctorate (PhD) in Technical Sciences and lectured at St. Petersburg State Transport University (formerly Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (LIIZHT)). Having decided to become an engineer, Doev enrolled in the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at Kalinin Polytechnic Institute in Leningrad. He majored in Structural Machine Dynamics, graduating in 1989.


Scientific engagements

Doev‘s first employment was with NII TP (the Scientific-Research Institute for Precision Instruments), where he began working immediately upon graduating from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. His main research work was carried out as an engineer in the Combustion and Explosion Physics Laboratory. The NII TP plays a key role in the development of radio electronic instruments for spacecraft, and currently forms part of SC “Roscosmos”.

Following a job offer from the State Committee of the RSFSR for Science and Higher Education, he accepted the post of assistant at the Department of Experimental Physics at Leningrad State Technical University. The future top manager subsequently spent three years teaching at the university. By the mid-1990s he decided to shift focus and started working in private business.


Dmitry Doev initially began his management career with a company handling multi-profile business activities. One of its main practices was the supply of complex technological equipment to Russian industrial enterprises.

During the first half of the 2000s he headed a production firm which specialized in the construction of road and transport infrastructure; social, industrial, oil, gas and energy facilities; and residential real-estate. Currently it is the parent company of the construction division of VIS Group and acting general contractor in the holding’s projects.

In 2004 Doev Dmitry was offered a top management position at Gazprom. He was appointed Director General of JSC “Tsentrenergogaz”, a subsidiary company of PJSC Gazprom. He managed the consolidation of repair assets of the corporation and oversaw the setting up of a specialized holding company which has been performing structural-level repair and servicing work at the state company since 2009. As manager, he was in charge of this subsidiary of the oil-and-gas multinational company up until 2019 after which he left the corporation.

It may be seen that the following achievements during his years of work for the state company set him apart as a top manager:

  • participation in the unified system of gas-supply (USG) in Russia
  • launch of mass production of spare parts for the USG (including gas turbine engines), thus reducing import dependence considerably
  • setting up of a unified database of standardized technical documents
  • pioneering the implementation of novel and technically complex underground and underwater repair work, which also became a new business line for the company

At the current time

Since 10 September 2021 Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich has been managing the VIS Group holding company with which he has previously been associated. It is among the leading operators in public-private partnerships in the Russian Federation and implements large-scale infrastructure projects in key sectors of the economy.

The Group is active in a number of branches and consists of the following divisions:

  • investments
  • construction
  • transport
  • medicine
  • environmental protection and residential services
  • IT
  • International cooperation

When commenting on Doev’s appointment to the highest management position, representatives of VIS Group’s board of directors felt that he would strengthen the company’s management team. They make clear how greatly they value his professional qualities and competencies, his skill at structuring complex business processes, as well as his considerable proven experience in the field of managing major holding companies, all of which are evidenced by his current work in developing the company.

Dmitry Doev resolves any issues connected with improvement of the existing management system within the vertically integrated holding, manages risk-limitation in construction and other industrial hazards, as well as keeping track of development and implementation on new corporate standards for operational activities. Under his steering, the company is currently implementing a number of strategically important projects including the construction of high-speed motorways in outer Moscow (“Mytishchinskaya chord”) and in the Far East (“Khabarovsk bypass” which came into operation in July 2022), bridges over the rivers Lena and Ob, as well as over Kaliningrad Bay. In addition, the Group is involved in the processes of developing the Arctic zone by means of constructing social facilities under the permafrost conditions.


As a manager, he has received a number of industry awards. In 2021, he was rated in the top 2000 managers according to “Director General” magazine, a professional publication for managers.


There is little information about his personal life since managerial staff are not typically in the public eye, yet a number of sources document that he is married and a father to two children.